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Gas Flare Monetization
& Syngas Conversion
Virtual Forum Series

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Flare gas capture and use in the field
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DJ Basin, Colorado

Stranded, Associated & Renewable Gas Monetization Pathways  |  Syngas-to-Fuels & Chemicals  |  Biomass & Waste to Fuels
rDME  |  LNG  |  CNG  |  Low CO2 & Green Methanol  |  Natural Gas-to-Gasoline  |  MTG  |  BTL  |  XTL
Small-Scale & Modular GTL, LNG, F-T & Syngas Generation  |  CO2-to-Fuels  |  Direct Synthesis
Remote Power  |  Synthetic Fuels & Sustainable Mobility  |  Reforming & Process Technology Innovation

Virtual Forum Program


Identification, Measurement, Elimination
& Monetization of Emissions & Flares

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The Small-Scale Gas Conversion
Technology Landscape in 2021

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Modular and Digital Flare Mitigation,
Gas Processing & Emissions Reduction

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Emerging Renewable Methanol
Synthesis Technology Pathways


Natural Gas-to-Gasoline
Technology Pathways

Distributed, Small-Scale CNG, LNG & BioLNG Gas Monetization Options


and others...

After four decades EFI meetings remain -- uniquely -- unsponsored, non-advocacy and non-profit havens for high-quality knowledge sharing, discussion and networking amongst international industry peers.

Significant fluctuations in the price of oil over the past five years are a reminder of the intrinsic volatility in the sector, while continued robust natural gas demand growth (including LNG exports, chemicals and natural-gas fired power generation) and the increasing pace and scope of the transition to energy from non-fossil fuel sources keep companies engaged in developing scenarios, strategies and technologies to remain competitive and mitigate risk. These factors along with increasing pressure for sustainability are driving innovation and investment in areas as diverse as small-scale distributed methanol, biofuels, bioconversion and biochemicals, CO2 recycling, flared and associated gas monetization, waste-to-energy, catalysis, and synthetic fuels -- all topics covered extensively by EFI.

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