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Gas-to-Market and Energy Conversion Forum
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28 - 30 October 2015

 Hotel Granduca

Houston, Texas 



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Just Completed

Gas Flare Reduction
& Monetization
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15 - 17 June 2015

Denver Marriott City Center
Denver, Colorado





Just completed | A special program produced with the support of the World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR), EFI's Gas Flare Reduction & Monetization Forum brought together stakeholders responsible for technologies, strategies, projects and policies aimed at the recovery and monetization of associated and stranded natural gas, and the reduction of GHG emissions.


Presentations from EFI member companies and special invited guests included:


Flare Reduction | Perspectives from a range of experts focused on the reduction and elimination of gas flaring in scenarios including stranded and associated gas, operations, and well completions. The session, opened with a keynote talk by Nobel laureate Susann Nordrum of Chevron, will cover various-scale conversion technology routes to monetize stranded gas, flaring and venting reduction strategies, recent success stories and current developments with practical applications deployed in the Bakken such as GE and Ferus Natural Gas Fuels' Last Mile Fueling solution, and Pioneer Energy's mobile alkane gas separator.


Gas Monetization | An exploration and assessment of the pathways being explored by resource owners, operators, and technology providers to monetize natural gas, methane, ethane, and NGLs, and analysis of the dynamics related to the Bakken formation and other regions attracting significant amounts of investment and infrastructure.


Small-Scale & Modular GTL | A session focusing on emerging commercial deployment of small-scale GTL and syngas technologies and the opportunities they present in North America and elsewhere for both offshore and distributed conversion of natural gas and other feedstocks into fuels (diesel, gasoline, DME) and chemicals. The session will feature updates from companies at the vanguard of commercial activities in this area including SGC EnergiaVelocys, Primus Green Energy, Greyrock Energy, Praxair, INFRA Technology and Oberon Fuels


Gas-to-Products | Insight from stakeholders into the dynamics of some of the gas-to-products projects under consideration or planned in North America, and how the lowest NGL prices in more than a decade are affecting these.


North American GTL | Updates from the first commercial GTL projects in North America, including Greyrock Energy and the $100 million transformation of a dormant steam methane reformer in Louisiana into the Juniper GTL facility for the production of diesel, waxes and naphtha.


Methane-to-Methanol, Alcohols & Ethers | A talk from Standard Alcohol on its new GTL process producing a drop-in replacement for ethanol and other oxygentates, and updates on small-scale methanol production and the opportunities for downstream methanol fuel applications (such as DME) from the process technology providers Haldor Topsoe and Oberon Fuels, the company behind the first fuel-grade DME production facilities in North America, the EPA's recent qualification of DME under the RFS, and the approval this year of the fuel for legal sale as a vehicle fuel in the State of California.



 EFI Meeting & Site Visit Program



 Gas-to-Market and Energy
Conversion Forum and Site Visits
21 - 23 October 2014

 Omni William Penn Hotel

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Gas Flare Reduction & Monetization
 Forum and
Site Visits

15 - 17 June 2015

 Denver Marriott City Center

Denver, Colorado



Gas-to-Market and Energy
Forum and Site Visits

28 - 30 October 2015

Hotel Granduca

Houston, Texas


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